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We traveled to the US to meet with our JKWinc representative, Kevin Walters.  Prior to our arrival JKWinc had meetings set up each day with Lawyers, Accountants, Property Managers and Property Tours; a full White Glove Service as we were told it would be.

The tours were very informative and tailored to what we were looking for to start off our US property portfolio.  With the ease and efficiency that JKWinc has provided us  to buy property we will continue to grow this portfolio and use their services.

For an overall package from  taking the fear out of buying in the US to all documentation, I can only say JKWinc are the leaders in the field!

Paul Fenech
Stockdale & Leggo (Croydon)


When we first started, we were a bit scared to invest abroad because we did not have any experience at all. However, thanks to the information that Kevin Walters from JWKinc gave us, we decided to buy our first property. After having a good result, we were very satisfied with their responsibility and their success in finding the best property between the prices we aimed for and the profitability we can gain in the short term without any hidden expenses.

That was our first experience and now it is much easier. Ever since our first investment, we have bought some more properties.

Now we are planning our trip to USA to see our properties and the opportunity to meet all the team of JKWinc who made this possible.
We highly recommend JKWinc for your future investments.

From Ana and Michael


My wife and I bought 3 properties and all three were tenanted.  Now my 20 year old daughter who has a part time job and is a full time student has just bought here first one and is getting immediate income.  This is a great way to get started in the property market.

Steve A



Melbourne, Sydney, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles