Who is JKWinc?

JKWinc is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent, in Victoria, Australia. Kevin Walters, the director of the company is a dual citizen of both the United States and Australia, and has been living in Melbourne since 2002.

JKWinc has conducted a comprehensive study of the current United States real estate market over the past 2 years, and has identified select areas that meet our capital growth criteria.

JKWinc has a strategic alliance with companies that have successfully been purchasing foreclosed properties in the United States for over 10 years

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Has JKW inc helped foreign investors buy property recently?

The primary focus of JKWinc is to facilitate foreign investors with their purchase of real estate in the United States, while keeping costs down and maximizing your profits.

JKWinc recently helped clients purchase 9 properties on a one-week tour in Phoenix, Arizona. Come join us for an extensive property tour on the ground in the United States.

Please talk with one of the JKWinc representatives to enquirie about obtaining our exclusive property listings.

Contact us now via the contact form.

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Will JKWinc recommend a company that specializes in United States taxes, that is based here in Australia?

JKWinc works closely with local, Australian based, tax professional who specialize in United States tax laws, and can provide who can provide advice on all your taxation enquiries.

Does JKWinc purchase bank foreclosed properties?

The majority of the property purchased by JKWinc is bank foreclosed real estate. Each property is reviewed and evaluated to ensure that our capital growth criteria are satisfied prior to acquisition.

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Is JWKinc able to assist with all aspects of buying a property; including property selection, repairs, insurance, solicitors and property management or rental managers?

JKWinc works with our exclusive network of professionals in the United States and Australia, including property managers, bankers, insurance agents, attorneys and accounts,  to provide assistance with every aspect of purchasing and managing your offshore investment property. JKWinc prides itself on providing our clients with a “white glove service”.

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What are the fees at JKWinc?

Individual Membership Fee with JKWinc – $995 (AUD)  inclusive of GST (one time fee)

Buyer’s Advocacy Fee – Per property $3,300.00 (AUD) inclusive of GST


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What sort of ‘Due Diligence’ reports does JKWinc provide?

For example: detailed condition report, estimated renovation work, rental appraisal, demographics for the area, and a list of ongoing costs etc.

All ‘Due Diligence’ reports are completed prior to a client purchasing a property. Detailed reports can be discussed with a JKWinc representative at your convenience.

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Management company fees for collecting rent/inspections/etc:

PM fees start at 10% and may drop to 8% if managing multiple properties.

In the vidoes it says you cannot get finance, what happened?

I am an American, actually a dual citizen… carry a credit rating of 773 which is HUGE and GREAT! I have been filed exempt from US taxes for 10 years so there for had nothing to back up my credit rating so not even I could get finance, until recently. It has taken me 3 years to find it, and finally I have.


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In what areas of the United States does JKWinc purchase properties?

JKWinc has identified Phoenix, Arizona as our primary market. This is based on a resilient rental market, with net rental returns of up to 18%, along with a growing population.

By booking a consultation with one of the JKWinc representatives, we can help you find a property that meets your requirements.

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How much money do I need to purchase property in the United States?
JKWinc has successfully assisted clients in acquiring United States property starting at $23,000.00 (USD).

At JKWinc, we recognize that each client has their own investment strategy. Let one of our representatives discuss how JKWinc can assist you with a “Strategy Tailored for Your Success”.

Why choose JKWinc?

With our intricate network and buying power, you will be able to purchase real estate in the United States at an average discount of 20% below current market value.

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Regarding the fees, are there any other fee payable (like real estate agents), or is this all in your “property service” fee?

A buying agent fee, No. I am your Buying Agent.

What are the yearly taxes payable?

It varies but is based as a percentage on the value of the property? It is usually around 1% and is low in Phoenix compared to rest of US.

What is a HOA?

HOA’s are Body Corps and are usually always associated with Condos and not stand alone Homes.

Is Phoenix the only area you focus on for your clients?

At the moment it ticks more boxes than any other areas that I have studied in the US. Criteria factors such as climate, acts of God, education, international airport, property rise and fall rates, population growth, etc. That is the reason I only focus on Phoenix.

Melbourne, Sydney, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles